Saturday, June 20, 2009

The above image was done in oil on canvas and measures 24 x 30 inches. As far as technical issues I think the blue tends to clash with my person but my first impression was to go with blue because the walls of the mods were blue.

Anyhow, I painted this painting as a way to communicate, or show rather, the moment a letter arrives in the mail. When an airman, soldier, marine or sailor get a letter the feeling can be so exciting that you don't think about where you're at. The terrorists could be launching a rocket attack and yet you would not even bother to worry. Simply because for a moment you are touching the same letter that a loved one from home touched, it is so close but so far away.

I wanted to convey that moment where he just got the mail and is opening it up. I want the viewer to be silent for a second because you don't want to disturb him. This is a private moment.

Titled: "Letter from home....quiet"

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