Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Series

Above: Violet, Oil on Masonite, 24"x48", $250.00

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long time - no post period but now with the new year I hope to keep posting more material. In the news for Dana & I we now have a new website up! It's and you can access our blogs and see our work and resumes online there! We are very happy about this new development!

Please feel free to take some time and check it out!

Also, I am working on a new series about horses!

I know that animals and horses haven't always been my favorite but lately I have been drawn back toward animals. It started with a commission of a pet portrait for a girl at my school and then I decided to make my sister a Christmas Present for her and her family to enjoy. I did a horse painting and the horse is just blazing by! I loved the movement and powerful excitement one gets from watching a horse run by at full speed!

I was invigorated that now I'm doing a small series of them this week I hope to get more done and so far I'm really liking this new set of paintings!

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